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Estimated Tax Notice Information

Decatur County property owners will soon receive a notification in the mail regarding the County's revenue neutral rates. This notice is not a tax bill. No action is needed in response to the notice, it is for information purposes only.

Kansas Statute now requires all taxing authorities to host a public hearing and send notification to property owners if the proposed budgets will exceed the Revenue Neutral Rate (RNR).

The revenue neutral rate (RNR) is the mill levy rate that would generate the exact the same amount of property tax revenue as the year before, using the current tax year's total assessed valuation. Revenue neutral is when a taxing jurisdiction budgets the exact same amount of property tax revenue, in dollars, for the upcoming budget year as they did for the current year. If a taxing entity plans to use more property tax revenue in the next budget year compared to the current year, even $1 more, they would exceed revenue neutral and need to hold a public hearing.

For more information or assistance with questions contact the Decatur County Clerk's Office at 785-475-8102

Additionally, I would like to clarify that the RNR notices are not an exact picture of the tax. Please see the attached to better understand.
The proposed increase (D) does not include the bond tax as the software calculated the tax increase for the proposed school district bond but it did not move it across to the increased tax box. Also in the proposed budget columns (C) it does not include all the taxing districts as it only indicates those which filed an intent to exceed the revenue neutral rate. These would need to be added in to get a total proposal from all taxing districts. Since they are not required to file anything if they are not going to exceed the RNR at this time no data is required to be entered for them. Last, the proposed increase (D) is calculating from the RNR rate (B) to the proposed rate (C) rather than the prior year (A) to proposed rate (C).

Again see the attached sample for better clarification and if you still have questions please call the clerk's office at 785-475-8102.

Thank you!

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